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Max Volume… time to play

Posted by 01 Nov 2009

Family member and resident DJ Max Volume talks me through his solid collection of recreational wonders, from Ghost Busters to WWF and Wimpy party badges he kept it all…IMG_5431 Boglins… “Fugly, monster toys hit trend sometime in the early 90s (see also My Pet Monster who’s been given the MOP makeover for Mishka’s fall tees 2010 shhhhhh it’s a secret)”

IMG_5418 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… “Four testudines that need no intro. If you were 8 yrs old in 1989 and didn’t watch the cartoon, own the figures, collect the cards or rinse all your pocket money on the arcade game – gut gut gutted.”

IMG_5446 Rubbers…” My sister had a dried rubber collection. They came in every shape, size and flavour, but they’d wreck your drawings if you only let em.”

IMG_5484 Time Boy Key Chain… “Easily my favourite thing to have kept from childhood. But it’s quite sickening imagining the horrific work conditions this plastic tut was probably produced under. Still, it’s badboy as it gets.”

The Real Ghostbusters… “Dun kno. Super Fright Features smash it up. Granny Ghost Gross and Mr. Stay Puft don’t play.”


Nintendo… “Legendary. Remember the film The Wizard? Wikipedia that shit now”

IMG_5436 Wimpy Badges…  “How tired did Wimpy parties get? Shattered is the answer. Only the cheapo kids would have em. At least McD’s had toadstool seats.”


WWF… “What you mean it’s not real?”