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Posted by 22 Dec 2011

Fresh Hair style of the guys, ‘The Big daddy Kane High Top’

FRESH TRIM WITH PATTERNS  (Javier – Out take from Clash Magazine with Pelle Crepin and Matthew Josephs Studio Boyo)

Suave ‘n’ Sexy, Mature Older woman look circa 1990 Naomi Campbell

Head Wrap! (Wrap up girl’s, it’s gonna be a cold NYE)

Black Sweater, Bold Writing. Standout from the crowd with a sweater that makes a statement. Black makes everyone look better!

How can go Work It and not own one of their ‘T’s ?

A Crispy White T with a simple bold design, added with some quirky cool accessoires is a good-look for NYE. This unisex ‘T’ is from a Italian  Street Wear Brand (And personal friend)  Stay Sick

Run down to Urban Outfitters for this timeless time piece, classy, simple and sexy (I love my one) its only £45.00

The Ultimate Statement ‘T’ to been seen in right now The Work It Lyric Series T’s are simple classy, sexy and fun one the nicest collection of T Shirts out!

Check Sade’s Earrings! Simple ‘n’ Sexy

Weigh down those ear lobes with some 90s door knocker earrings!

Vinnie Chase NYC rapper Black ‘T’, Fitted Jeans, Black Snap-Back, Silk Scarf. Drug Dealer Chic! (Photography by Brock Fetch)

Mixing a smart unique  shirt with some gold accessories NYC home boy blogger Ian Connor in Vintage all over Patterned shirt with gold grills!

Vintage pattern shirt and T, Its all about the details, Bandanda, chains, pins! detail is everything

GOLD GRILLS, big craze right now you can pick up fake ones for NYE for around £10 -20 from around Camden. (Follow Ian Connor via )

ASAP ROCKY, Rapper and trendsetter who brought back the gold grills! and unique hood style

American Blogger Danni Phae

Funky Fresh, Female rapper Azalea Banks reppin England. You might wanna wear something bright n bold, Bee seen looking great on NYE night

NYE is definitely the time to bring out your sexiest most outlandish dresses

Faux Fur Leopard Print hat from Rokit, gotta keep you head warm with style!

Cute ‘n’ Colourful Unique purse from Rokit, something extra to wear with your colourful dress

Versace Jeans, or any unique patterned jeans or leggings will work well!

90′s channel look-a-like shoulder bag

Black ‘n’ Gold

“Tupac Back” Tupac Style black leather waist coat. You find this at Beyond Retro or something similar at any Vintage Store around London

Solange Knowles rocking the ideal look for girls this NYE

Step up your shirt game! Y’oh Street has been doing a lot this year with owner Kara Messina Delivering 90s and african inspired, extravagantly flamboyant shirts. End the year with a fresh shirt, too late for mail orders now :( but be inspired to get something similar!