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Posted by 25 Jan 2012

Asap Rocky is the hype right now, a young 20 something year old rapper out of  Harlems tough streets. An ex drug dealer now turned stylish ghetto-eccentric good times rapper! his style is very Unique and very questionable at times, but heres a look at some styles from the past that have influenced him on some of his most outlandish garment choices and artistic music videos., Look at some archive images will help answer The question is, is ASAP ROCKY ORIGINAL

Movie: Super Fly the ‘Pretty-Boy’ Drug dealing ladies man hailing from the same ‘neck of the woods’ as Rocky

Rapper: Max B also from HARLEM!! he shares the same ‘pretty boy’ ethos as Rocky, but he was 1st to have the mumbled and slight slurred

delivery, catchy sing-song choruses & hooks!

Rapper: Snoop Dogg’s earlier style, and persona plays a big part in Asaps Style today. Just the smoothness of snoops lyric delivery down to the way he walks and plaits his hair!

Fashion: Japanese Street Wear Brand Mastermind Japan, all black designer and street wear clothes is big look with Rocky and the whole ASAP TEAM

Fashion: Yohji Yamamoto designer behind Y-3 Collection with adidas, uses mainly black in his clothes

If you were to ask ASAP ROCKY, who has been the biggest influence on his music and style he’ll probably say TUPAC.