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Mi Vida Loca

Posted by 07 Jul 2012

Mi Vida Loca aka ‘My Crazy Life’ is a ’93 classic. It’s basically about a gang of Mexican-American chica’s from the notorious Echo Park neighborhood  in LA…

Lemme break it down:


Okay so, Mousie and Sad Girl are bff’s yeah,


Since they were young and ting

They go so far back they shared Sad Girl’s first Happy Meal as a little bambino fresh from Mexico. Bless :)

So, anyway, Mousie falls in love with Ernesto and has a baby by him

But then Sad Girl starts to fancy Ernesto too and since Mousie stopped coming out and answering her calls since she became a baby mama, Sad Girl reckons he’s fair game. So she has a baby by him too. (I know right? I can’t even. mega *chicks before dicks* fail)

Anyway, Mousie gets really upset and she’s like  ”Now I have to kill my friend..”  So they arrange a time and place to fight it out. Deep…

Luckily the other homegirls step in to break up the fight.

Eventually the chica’s make-up and are cool again. Which is good because Ernesto get’s caught up in some gang shituation and ends up getting shot. r.i.p :(

With Ernsto no longer with us, the girls find out that his much loved car, a 1990 Nissan named Sauvecito, is worth some mega bucks.

They decide they deserve it (being his baby mama’s and all) and the rest of the movie follows the home girls as they try to get the truck from Ernesto’s home boys.

This movie is defo worth a go. The make up is loca




loving the nails!

The swag is loca

The threads are loca

The chica’s are loca

The Chico’s are loca

The script is loca


And the cast is made up of actors like hot stuff Salma Hayek

And actual gang members like Whisper (my favve homegirl!)

Most of all, you guys, if this movie has taught me anything it’s this