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“Oh no no’s” and Kidada Jones

Posted by 03 Mar 2012

In last week’s episode of Parks and Recreation, Tom Haverford (played by Aziz Ansari aka The Brown Gosling) gave what I believe, is the only dating advise necessary in the 21st Century. Basically, here’s what he said:

“When I’m dating someone, I have a list called ‘my oh no no’s'”

I know right? I can’t even… what is the point of you if you can ask such a question? For seriously? Respect yourself.

That aside, watch Parks and Rec because it’s hilar and it’s got Aziz Ansari in it who is a hero/friend to the stars:

Jay/Yezzy are such big fans he even made a cameo (2.32) in  Otis and takes the video from cool to legendary…

More Parks and Rec knowledge: The babe on the left who asks the insulting question is played by Rashida Jones. Daughter of the incomparable producer Quincy Jones and hot actress babe Peggy Lipton. Her sister Kidada Jones, is my favourite stylist of all time. She is a badass babe because:

She dated Tupac at the time of his death in ’96

Rashida talks about him in a clip from the Qd3  Thug Angel documentary. A must see for any Tupac fan!

She also styled Michael Jackson in his infamous Vibe Magazine shoot in ’93:

she was WAYYY behind everyone with the trainers and suits trend…

And She was bff’s with Aaliyah and is the creative genius behind those Tommy Hilfiger ads:

Aaliyah and Kidada
Kidada, Aaliyah and Kate Hudson
Kidada and Aaliyah

Oh and to avoid being on any sane body’s “oh no no’s” list, check yourself before your wreck yourself…