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The Movie Guide to Valentines Day

Posted by 18 Jan 2012

Its mid Jan and before you know it, it will be the end of January and you’ll be racking your brains over what to do for February 14th ‘Valentines-day’ here’s some ideas of what you can do on ‘V – Day’  with some good o’le romantic movies from 1997  to 2011

Dinner and a live performance (Love Jones,1997)

Chill in the park and talk about Music! (Brown Sugar, 2002)

Play Basketball or any other sport your good at with your partner, ‘sweat is sexy’ (Love & Basketball, 2000)

Go all out! wine ‘n’ dine your partner and go out to a classy up-scale party  (The Best Man, 1999)

Single ?… then ladies can you can just chill with your  girl-friends and drink some wine! ( Jumping The Broom,2011)

Single guys, you can just get well-dressed and pop champs in a club or just hang out and play Fifa 2012 (The Wood, 1999)