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Posted by 08 Feb 2012

It’s Freezing cold minus 1 thousand, arctic siberian wind is blowing in your face and your feet are cold because your wore canvas trainers in the snow. In these cold times i just think about the days of  Milk being the ‘in thing’ to drink, drinking it and Napping after playtime.. Sigh I dould really do with being cocooned up in a duvet having a cosy lie-in right about now.. Got Milk ?

Tyra Banks 1997

Yasmine Bileeth 1996

Neva Campbell 1996

Vanessa Williams 1999

Lisa Kudrow & Jennifer Aniston 95

Ivana Trump 1996

Whoopi Goldberg 1999

Danny Devito & Rhea Periman 1996

Dennis Rodman 1996

The Hanson Brothers 1997

Serena & Venus Williams 1999

Spike Lee 1996

Stone Cold Steve Austin 1999

The Simpsons 1997

Garfield 1998

Kermit The Frog 1999